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FFL News 08/08/2019

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A reminder that all teams must be submitted before 18:00 UK time on Friday 9th August 2019 (tomorrow!) in order to be eligible for points in game week 1 (9th to 16th August inclusive). For instructions on how to submit and activate your team, see here. Best of luck everyone! David


FFL News 26/07/2019

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I’d like to welcome everyone to the 2019/20 season of Fantasy Footy League. A reminder that all teams must be submitted, by clicking “Play!” and confirming, no later than 18:00 UK Time on Friday 9th August. The first game week will be from Friday 9th to Friday 16th August inclusive. After the first week it


FFL News 02/06/2019

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All scores have been updated for the season now, thanks to everyone for playing and well done to all winners in your league. Official Winners 2018/2019 League Game Public League 1st Dominic Lesniowski – Revival FC 2nd Alan Wolfe – Wolfhounds 3rd James Page – Frattonender Members League 1st Tony Moratti – TM UTD 2nd


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