FFL News 02/12/2015

Update: All scores have been updated for games played to 02/12/2015.

League Cup results last night mean that Man City, Everton and Stoke go into the semi-final draw tonight, along with the winner of the Liverpool v Southampton game.

A brace from De Bruyne and goals from Bony, Iheanacho, Affelay, Lukaku and Deulofeu combined with clean sheets fro Everton and Stoke is all you need to know.

If only there were bonus points for theatrical assists, Deulofeu would have hit the jackpot with his brilliant, multi stepover cross for Lukaku’s goal.

On Tuesday Liverpool whacked Southampton 6-1 with Daniel Sturridge returning to action with a brace and Divock Origi scoring a hat trick.

Semi finals in January see Everton v City and Stoke v Liverpool.

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