FFL News 04/08/2015

A reminder to everyone that you need submit your teams before midnight (UK time) this coming Friday 7th August. Failure to submit your team in time will result in missed scores from the first week.

To pick and submit your team successfully, please follow these simple instructions:

1. Log in and click on Team Management in the right hand menu.

2. Click on the 4-3-3 button to go to the management console.






3. Browse players on the left and drag in to position on the pitch. You can sort players by position, name, value and club. Please ensure you stay within budget.








4. When you are happy with your team, click “Play!” on the bottom right of the pitch.




5. On the next page click to confirm…



6. and if your team has been submitted correctly, if you go to view it by clicking on the 4-3-3 button in Team Management again, it should appear as a list and the pitch will have disappeared. It will activate on the Saturday after you submit the team and the pitch & management console will once again be visible.





7. Once the season has started you are able to make up to 3 transfers per week, with a maximum of 24 in the season.

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