FFL News 15/05/2016

All scores have been updated for games played to 15/05/2016.

In what should have been the final day of the English Premier League, a bomb scare at Old Trafford meant that the game between Man United and Bournemouth  was abandoned and will have to be re-scheduled. Man City’s draw against Swansea meant that United need an almost impossible 19-0 victory to finish fourth when the game is played.

Southampton qualified for Europe with a 4-1 win over Crystal Palace, whilst title contenders Spurs finished 3rd after they were thumped 5-1 by relegated Newcastle being leap-frogged by Arsenal who beat Aston Villa 4-0.

The other results didn’t mean too much apart from their respective clubs’ fans.

If you have transfers left then consider loading Man United and Bournemouth players in for one final push!

This coming week sees the Europa League and FA Cup finals with Liverpool, Man United and Palace all involved.

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