FFL News 26/10/2015

All scores have been updated for games played to 25/10/2015.

Well it was the Tyne/Wear derby that provided the points – hands up who had Sunderland’s Jones in their team? 11 points if you did but I can’t see it some how…

As the for the Manchester derby, you would have done ok if you have City or Utd defenders – unless it’s Daley Bind, he doesn’t seem to be getting games.

For those of you who kept faith, like Mauricio Pochettino has done, with Harry Kane, that faith was repaid three-fold yesterday with a hat-trick. 21 points to you!

Benteke came off the bench to score for Liverpool after a month or so sidelined so keep your eye out for the Reds’ main man.

League Cup games this week and most EPL clubs are still involved so expect plenty of points for the Cup league.

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