FFL News 28/10/2015

All scores have been updated for games played to 27/10/2015.

It seems that not too many of the big clubs are taking the good old League Cup quite as seriously as they could. Arsenal and Chelsea were both knocked out last night and despite both including some of their big name players, the changes made with fringe players getting a shot was not enough. Arsenal bested 3-0 by Sheffield Wednesday and Chelsea knocked out on pens by Stoke. Leicester were also knocked out by Hull on a night that saw 3 games go to penalty shoot outs.

Everton were the 2nd EPL team to go through to the QFs with a penalty shoot out win over Norwich.

Let’s see whether the likes of Man City, Liverpool and Man Utd take it seriously tonight, seeing as there is a definite lack of opposition to get through to the final stages.

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