Run your own Fantasy League!

You can now create your own league, name it whatever you want (within reason!) and invite your mates to compete in your own Fantasy Football Mini League. You can even set the budget for teams in your league. All the hard work is done for you, just invite your teams - the players scores and league tables are updated automatically.

Click Here To Create A Private League

We have two versions of the Mini Leagues:

1. A free league with up to 10 teams allowed. Sponsors' ads are shown on user pages.

2. A paid league with up to 40 teams and no ads on user pages. Only £9.99!.

Please note that Mini League teams are seperate to and not included in the Public League and no prizes are offered for Private League winners.

To create your own Private Mini League click here

Looking for a Free Private Game for your company staff and clients?

Allow me to quote for your company mobile phone renewal and you will get a free 40 team league set up at no cost (saving of £9.99). Even if I don't get your business you keep the league - no catches! I work for an established business mobile phone dealer and this is very popular with my clients. To take part just contact me, David Allen, at or call me on 01204 595335. Don't worry if you are still in contract, I can arrange a time and date to contact you nearer your contract renewal date, you will still qualify for the league now.

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