Main Rules 2019/20 Premier League Game

The competition starts on Friday 9th August 2019 and runs until the end of the 2019/20 season. You must pick a team of eleven players consisting of one goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three strikers. The value of your team must not exceed £65 million. There is no limit to the amount of players you can pick from any club, just ensure the formation is correct and the £65 million budget is not exceeded.

The scoring week is deemed to be from the first match on a Saturday to the last match on the following Friday*. All teams must be selected and submitted (Press the “Play!” Link in the management screen to submit your team) by 18:00 UK Time (BST) on Friday August 9th 2019, failure to submit your team before this date may result in the loss of points for the first week.

*Due to the first game of the season starting on a Friday, the first game week is from Friday 9th August to Friday 16th August, inclusive. Following week 1, all game weeks will be Saturday to Friday inclusive. 

Scores are awarded as follows for every game your players are involved in:

Appearance at Kick Off 2pts
Substitute Appearance 1pt
Striker Goal 3pts
Midfielder Goal 5pts
GK/Defender Goal 7pts
2 Goal Bonus 5pts
Hat-Trick Bonus 10pts
Goalkeeper Clean Sheet 5pts
Defender Clean Sheet 2pts
GK Saves Penalty 5pts
Goal Conceded (Defenders and Goalkeepers only) -1pt
Own Goal -5pts
Missed Penalty -5pts
Yellow Card -1pt
Red Card -5pts
There will be no points for assists (or Key Contributions).

Please note that points will be deducted for goals conceded (goalies and defenders), own goals, missed penalties, yellow cards and red cards. In the case of red and yellow cards, points will be deducted for decisions made on the day and will not be altered if the decision is altered at a later date. In the case of points for and against keepers and defenders, other than appearance points, the scores will count over the full 90 minutes (plus extra time if necessary), whether the player was on the pitch for the full 90 minutes or not.

The Cup

In addition to the main Premiership based league, again, an extra league will be played based on all Domestic and European Cup games. The same scoring rules apply for both main cup matches and replays. Scores will be decided after extra time if applicable but will not include penalty shoot-outs. Please note – Cup points will only be awarded for players playing for Premiership clubs in any of the following competitions: FA Cup, League Cup, European Champions League and UEFA Cup (not including qualifying rounds). If a player is on loan at a non-Premiership club then those points would not count.


Each team will be allowed to make up to 24 transfers over the course of the season, with a maximum of three allowed in any one week. The transfer window is open from Saturday to Friday each week  with any changes made effective from the following Saturday. So if a change is made on a Saturday, the new players will not become effective until the following Saturday but if the change is made on the Friday then the new players will count from the next day (as this is the next Saturday).** Please make sure that no transfer will take your team over the £65 million budget.

** The exception here is the first live game week which runs from Friday to Friday (9th to 16th August 2019 inclusive).

Entrance fee and prizes

Entrance to the Premiership Fantasy League 2019/20 is FREE. There are no prizes and the game is just for fun!

To enter a free team click here.

Private Leagues

We have two versions of the Private Mini Leagues:

1. A free league with up to 10 teams allowed. Sponsors’ ads are shown on user pages.

2. A paid league with up to 40 teams and no ads on user pages. Only £9.99!

Please note that Private League teams are separate to and not included in the main Public League.

No prizes are offered for Private League winners – that’s between you and your mates! To create your Mini League click HERE.

You can contact us here.

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