FFL News 09/08/2017

Posted by in Home Page , News on August 9, 2017

Well the 2017/18 season is almost upon us – best of luck to everyone playing this year.

A reminder that the season starts on a Friday this year and that all teams must be submitted by Thursday 10th August (tomorrow) to ensure you get scores from the first week’s games. The first game week will be extended by one day and will include scores from Friday 11th to Friday 18th August – after that the game weeks will run from Saturday to Friday as usual.

Full instructions on how to pick and more importantly, submit your team can be found here: How To Play.

If you are looking to create a mini-league for work or between your mates, you can set up a free 10 team league HERE and you can also upgrade to 40 teams and no adverts being displayed once you’ve logged in for just £9.99 per league for the entire season.

Enjoy the game and don’t forget to submit your team by tomorrow!


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Why not create a free, private mini league for work? You can have up to 10 teams in your league and there is no cost. For a small fee you can have up to 40 teams.