FFL News 04/10/2015

Posted by in News on October 4, 2015

All scores have been updated for games played to 03/10/2015.

The main talking point from yesterday’s games was Aguero’s 5 goal haul for City against a very poor Newcastle – who saw that coming? Whilst City’s clean sheet manifesto is still stuttering, at least they are scoring again.

I feel sorry for all managers with Chelsea players in, I mean picking players from the current champions is never going to be cheap and the transfers wasted getting rid of Chelsea defenders is just too much to think about!

Jamie Vardy continues to impress and is starting to pop up in teams here and there. Good for Leicester – Tinkerman is doing a great job.

The premier EPL derby takes place today and with ex-Toffee Michael Ball publicly stating that there are no Liverpool players he would want to replace in the Everton team, do you agree? Surely Benteke is worth keeping in your 4-3-3? Ah – perhaps you already have Lukaku…

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